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What our clients say

Origina is ruthlessly focused on delivering world class software services to diverse clients around the world. We are a sales driven organisation with a high performance culture. Mark gets the bigger picture of the business and helps us to look differently at how we tell our story and engage. He has been a real asset to me as CEO and I value his point of view and insights.
Tomas O'Leary
CEO, Origina
"I reached out to Mark in Martello as I wanted three things, someone we could trust to hold the mirror up to what I say, listen and then feedback to me what I may not have wanted to hear, to reposition our offering to the marketplace, and most important of all to coach me and my team through the difficult process of this business change. Mark delivered on all three fronts and I would be happy to speak to any CEO about my experience."
John Fitzgerald
Managing Director, Harmonics
"It's been a pleasure working with Mark, and no doubt we will be working with him again in the near future. He helped us simplify our strategy and tell our story in a powerful way."
Julie​ Collison
Director, Clear Strategy
"Choosing to work with Mark could be the best investment we ever made!"​
David Fitzpatrick
Director, Clear Strategy
Mark worked with me as MD and our Senior Team when we were struggling with challenges around executing on our strategy and operational performance. He helped us to look at how we as a senior team were working together, or not, as was the case, to deliver on our plan and strategy. He helped us see blocks and interpersonal dynamics we were not even aware of. We got a great sense of what a great high value adding team looks like and more importantly how it engages and leads. We worked together to create a clear roadmap to success. There were a few invisible previously unnamed dynamics surfaced by engaging with Mark. His confidence to call what needed to be named allowed us to look at our behaviors really honestly and begin the transformation we badly needed. Now he holds us to account and keeps us on track.
CEO, International Financial Institution
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