Future Proofing Corporate Reputation, Business Positioning and Engagement Strategy


An Irish consultancy business wanted to reassess its corporate positioning and stakeholder engagement approach given significant changes in the world of work.  Although a successful and well-established business the brand positioning of the business and its engagement strategy was not compellingly clear, particularly online.  The parent brand was somewhat overshadowed by the reputation of strategic business units within the business and its sub brands. This lack of clarity and confidence in the go-to-market proposition was impacting on revenues in that there was limited understanding of the breath of the service offer of the business and it was not actively engaging with stakeholders on or off line.

Martello Leadership helped this business fully understand its corporate reputation, benchmark this against market expectations and assess the future market opportunity for its service offering and to rethink its business strategy and market engagement approach.

Martello Leadership helped its client to pause, reflect on the changes at play in its chosen markets and consider the customers’ future needs.  Having conducted detailed research and assessment the business looked inward at its own structures and capabilities and finally externally at how it needed to position and engage in the future.

Martello was an active partner throughout the entire process, supporting our client’s leadership team to take a cold look at its business, challenge where necessary and co-create the future journey for sustainable growth.

Client Challenge

Martello Leadership’s client is a well-known consultancy business.  The leadership team saw that its market was changing rapidly as clients grappled with the future of work, high employee churn rates and new stakeholder engagement challenges.  The client business was experiencing the same challenges as its clients.  Employee expectations, ways of working and the wider business landscape were changing fundamentally. In the face of rapid change the business needed to assess the implications of the change and consider its strategic response.  

The business leadership team needed to undertake a detailed review of their business offer and consider the future shape of the organisation.  The leadership team sought help to think through the implications of rapid change for the business and its future go-to-market strategy.

Core Insight

The client’s core market was changing rapidly.  Core business units’ reputation in the marketplace overshadowed the overall corporate reputation of the entire consultancy.  Active client prospects’ conversations were taking place online and the client business was not visible in this space.


A detailed assessment of current market perceptions of the business was carried out to understand its relative strengths and weaknesses.  Online research focused on identifying respective client pain points and future needs.  Online research further identified conversation opportunities for the business to engage in order to profile its expertise.

Detailed data on the future shape of the clients target market was gathered along with an in-depth analysis of current market perceptions of the client’s current offer.  Research highlighted clear challenges in terms of shifting market trends and insight gaps into the clients offer and capabilities.

Martello Leadership facilitated a series of workshops with the businesses leadership team to help them reassess their business model and go-to-market proposition.  

Martello Leadership worked with the client to rigorously assess its own structures and strategy and to benchmark this against future market needs.  New markets and potential clients and changes in current client needs were identified as part of the process. This led to the development of a very clear value proposition, a clear purpose, revised messaging focused on client pain points, sources of differentiation and competitive advantage and a fundamentally revised market engagement approach for the client. 

Martello also led the development of a revised content strategy for its client.  This included the development of clear and compelling messaging which resonated with client needs and effectively utilised social media channels for communication and engagement.  Development of specific social media content to engage with potential clients and new communications platforms such as blogs, podcasts and webinars were also developed.


The client has refined its corporate positioning, marketing and engagement strategy.  With a clearer sense of market trends the client is engaging actively with a renewed confidence and focus.

The client has a clearer message which is resonating in the marketplace both online and offline.  An active yearlong content calendar has been developed which has enabled the client to run specific campaigns targeting prospective clients.

Business development opportunities have come about as a result of the clients clearer corporate positioning and messaging.  

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